Who is magical Rainbow Phil who accepted to help abused children from Moldova?

 – Versiunea succintă în limba română este mai jos. – 

EN// This could be a rhetorical question as almost every parent living in Dublin knows or has at least heard about Rainbow Phil.

The actual question is: How will Phil help the sad children of Moldova?

2The goal I set for myself for the next few months is not so easy to achieve: selling colouring books in Ireland to help abused children from Moldova. If at the beginning I was skeptical about Irish parents buying colouring books, the feedback I received last Saturday made me realise how wonderful and tolerant Irish people are. Good things are truly happening. I was filled with joy and excitement when Rainbow Phil promoted my idea at his music lessons.

Who Is Rainbow Phil


At least once a week Rainbow Phil is surrounded by amazing children with their parents who want to relax, have fun and learn music through interactive singalongs. He has been hosting Rainbow Music for Kids (pre-instrumental) classes in Clontarf, Clongriffin, Malahide, etc. for 4 years already.

I discovered Rainbow Phil due to a socialization center called “Babyccino’s Play Café” and thanks to him my son Bogdan fell in love with the guitar, “Old McDonald” song and other music games, which are helping him to learn English easier. For an immigrant family, this is very important. Moreover, with Phil all kids discover different countries from the map, supporting in this way the intercultural approach.

[For those who read my blog for the first time now: My name is Natalia, I am a part-time blogger and a full-time mom. 9 months ago my family and I moved to Dublin from Chisinau (Republic of Moldova). We decided to move to this beautiful country called Ireland for an obvious reason: a brighter future for our family, especially for Bogdan, our 2 years old son.]

Phil is a full-time dad who’s trying to become the best full-time dad he could be, as he describes himself on his website: RainbowPhil.com. He studied music from the age of 13 and graduated with a degree in Popular Music and Recording from the University of Salford, UK in 2005. He can play electric, acoustic and bass guitar, and a little bit of drum kit.

Contact Phil on Facebook: www.facebook.com/RainbowPhil

Whatever the weather, we will help kids together

Rainbow Phil and Natalia IONEL
Me and Rainbow Phil

If you paid attention to my last week’s posts or if you attended Rainbow Phil’s Music lesson last Saturday, You might be aware that Rainbow Phil joined me in supporting the abused children of Moldova.

Starting in September, you can buy or order a colouring book at Rainbow Phil’s Music lesson. By purchasing this book, you are donating to the admirable cause of National Center for Prevention of Child Abuse from Moldova (NCCAP) who aims to protect and rehabilitate children who have become victims of abuse.


Read about NCCAP: http://cnpac.org.md/

In a corrupt state, with high poverty level as Moldova, children are those who suffer the most. The latest statistics show that the number of (sexually!) abused children has increased considerably. More than 3000 children become victims of severe violence each year. Some of them … die.

If you are an immigrant in Ireland or you have friends who are immigrants, you will understand what it’s like to devise you heart between two countries, two homes.

I can change my son’s future, and with your help we can change the actual life’s of hundreds of children.

Order your coloring book in Ireland from here: Buy the colouring book „Să colorăm cu Dodo” to help abused children from Moldova

If you have any question regarding this charity cause or anything else, feel free to contact me on my Facebook Page: @mamainie


By the way! Sharing is caring 🙂

RO// Eu pot schimba viitorul propriului meu fiu, iar cu ajutorul vostru putem schimba prezentul a sute de copii – victime ale violenței fizice, psihologice sau sexuale.

Potrivit unor statistici, anual 3000 de copii sunt abuzați în Republica Moldova. Sunt 100% sigură că despre mult mai mulți care suferă nici măcar nu se vorbește, „palma educativă” fiind în continuare considerată cea mai firească și eficientă metodă de educație.

Recent am pornit o colaborare de suflet (și durere) cu Centrul Național de Prevenire a Abuzului față de Copii (CNPAC) din Moldova, încercând să promovez și să vând cărțulia „Să colorăm cu Dodo” publicului din Irlanda. Banii acumulați din vânzarea acestor cărți vor fi donați pentru reabilitarea copiilor abuzați din Moldova.

Rainbow Phil – un animator pentru copii foarte popular în rândul părinților din Dublin m-a invitat să vorbesc despre această „luptă colorată împotriva violenței” chiar la lecțiile sale de muzică. Așadar, începând cu luna septembrie publicul irlandez va putea cumpăra cărțuliile „Să colorăm cu Dodo” chiar de la întâlnirile vesele cu Phil.

Comandă cărțulia în Irlanda sau în oricare altă țară din Europa, accesând link-ul:

Formular de solicitare a cărților de colorat „Să colorăm cu Dodo”

Distribuie acest articol și prietenilor tăi. Așa îi poți ajuta și tu pe copiii abuzați din Moldova.

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